Our Calls for Change

We are a grassroots group of trans community members and allied health professionals calling for change in the delivery of trans* surgeries in BC.

These are our concerns with the current surgical services for trans, Two-Spirit and gender expansive people:

  • Since MSP agreed to pay for masculinizing genital surgeries in 2012, 0 people have been sent for surgery. There are over 90 people on the wait list.
  • There is a two-tiered system for getting surgical assessments. People who can afford to pay for a surgical assessment get surgeries much more quickly than those who cannot. Making matters worse, funding for the chief assessor has run out and will not be reinstated until April 2015. Until then, no new assessments will be approved.
  • Trans people have to travel to Montreal for all bottom surgeries, pay for their travel expenses, and pay for their medical aftercare costs. No other medically necessary surgical procedures in BC require this travel or financial burden to be paid for by the patient.
  • There is at least one surgeon in BC who is trained to do bottom surgeries, but patients are still sent to Montreal.
  • The clinic in Montreal does not routinely send operative reports to patients’ physicians. When complications arise it can be very challenging for local physicians to provide optimal care. Ideally, post-operative complications should be handled by the responsible surgeon but this is next to impossible with the current situation.

We are calling for:

  • creation of a system to ensure surgical assessments are accessible and timely
  • reduced surgical wait times
  • the option of having bottom surgeries performed in BC so that patients will be near their surgeon if complications arise.